Top 10 Weirdest Foods And Drinks At Disney World


Disney World is well-known as a food lover’s dream, with delicious snacks starting from turkey legs and specialty cupcakes to Mickey frozen dessert bars and therefore the famous Dole Whip. But Disney has its justifiable share of more interesting options. Adventurous foodies might not find this list too crazy. But to a mean amusement park guest expecting burgers and corn dogs, seeing foods and drinks that change from the exotic to the bizarre often quite surprises.



At first glance, octopus might not appear to be it’s an area inside a topic park. But Disney isn’t almost burgers and fries, y’all! There are many restaurants inside and out of doors the parks and many high-end options where this seafood delicacy fits right in. Asian versions of this dish include takoyaki (octopus fritters) at Morimoto Asia Street Food in Disney Springs and charred octopus at Tiffin Restaurant in Animalia Park within the Asia Pavilion. It also gets a Spanish spin at Toledo inside Coronado Springs Resort and a Mediterranean twist (octopus a la plancha) at Citrico Restaurant inside Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.



Believe it or not, there are two different places you’ll find grasshoppers on the menu at Disney World. Grasshoppers are a well-liked snack in many parts of the planet thanks to their high protein and availability, and a few Disney restaurants haven’t shied faraway from incorporating them into menus. Frontera Cocina in Disney Springs offers a seasonal menu where you’ll sometimes find roasted grasshoppers served as a snack alongside their drink menu. This restaurant has also showcased chili lime grasshoppers as a crunchy topping for his or her guacamole in the past. If you head over to La Cava del Tequila (known for his or her ever-changing and exotic menu) in Epcot’s Mexico Pavilion, you’ll sometimes find grasshopper rim salt on a number of their drinks. In 2016, they served grasshopper rim salt alongside other buggy varieties including black ant rim salt and mezcal worm rim salt.

3.Beverly Soda


Created by The Coca-Cola Company, Beverly maybe a carbonated beverage launched in 1969 as a nonalcoholic aperitif for the Italian market. Beverly is an intensely bitter soda that Americans like to hate. (It kind of tastes like biting into the rind of a grapefruit.)Although it had been discontinued in 2009, Beverly can still be found in a few locations around the world, including a minimum of one spot inside Disney World. Beverly wont to be available in Club Cool, a little store near the front of Epcot that showcased Coca-Cola products. Club Cool was closed in 2019, although Disney has said that it’ll be reopened later “in a replacement capacity” (whatever that means) and a replacement location. The other place you’ll try Beverly is at the Coca-Cola Store Rooftop Beverage Bar in Disney Springs. There, you’ll get Beverly’s Revenge, which incorporates Hendrick’s Gin, blackberry liqueur, cherry syrup, mint sprig, and orange slices to tone down the bitterness of the soda. It actually turns into a delicious drink that anyone would love.

4.Bone Marrow


To people that haven’t tried it, bone marrow may sound mega gross, but it tastes phenomenal when it’s prepared well. Its smooth, silky texture is loved by many foodies. If you’ll get past how weird it sounds, these dishes are often quite a treat. You can find it at a couple of higher-end locations at Disney World. the primary is at Takumi-Tei, the most recent restaurant in Epcot’s Japan Pavilion. Roasted bone marrow is a component of their dinner menu and is served as an appetizer with braised Wagyu short rib, yuzu kosho, and wasabi shiso bavarois warishita.

5.Blue And Green Milk



Many Star Wars fans are hooked in to blue milk ever since they first saw Luke Skywalker help himself to a glass Star Wars: Episode IV–A New Hope. When Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened in Disney World in 2019, they gave fans the prospect to really immerse themselves within the experience by opening the Milk Stand. Guests can buy blue milk, which may be a blend of coconut and rice milk with fruity notes, or green milk, which also combines coconut and rice milk but adds citrus and tropical flavor profile. Disney fans are torn on how good these things actually are, but blue milk seems to be the favorite between the 2.

6.Sushi Donut


Disney finally did it. They made a sushi donut. It debuted at the 2019 Epcot International Festival of the humanities and showed up again at the 2020 festival, which proves its popularity with the fans. The sushi donut is simply what it sounds like donut-shaped sushi featuring salmon, tuna, shrimp, cucumber, and benni seed over a decorated plate of wasabi aioli, sriracha, and eel sauce.



Bobotie may be a South African dish made with spiced minced meat and topped with an egg mixture. Generally speaking, it’s not too crazy of a dish. But Disney World guests tend to travel for very tame (cough, cough, BLAND, cough) food, so this dish is often a touch much for a few people. Luckily, Disney has many representations of foods from around the world, and bobotie is often found at several locations. Boma in Disney’s Animalia Lodge serves it as a part of the restaurant’s rotating entree menu, Sanaa (also in Animalia Lodge) offers it on their breakfast menu as bobotie pie, and Tusker House Restaurant in Animalia Park has it on their breakfast buffet menu. The Mara in Animalia Lodge even features a plant-based breakfast bobotie made with plant-based eggs and sausage.



Oxtail is the culinary description for the tail of an ox. Usually slow-cooked and served in stews, oxtail is a component of the many traditional dishes in countries like Italy, Russia, West Africa, and France. You can find oxtail in three different restaurants in Disney World. The first is Monsieur Paul in Epcot’s France Pavilion. There, it’s served as a broth with braised beef, vegetables, and black winter truffles covered in puff pastry. The second is at Boma inside Animalia Lodge where you’ll try a standard Ghanian oxtail stew. The third (also in Animalia Lodge) is at Sanaa and is obtainable as an African oxtail quo.

9.Fuzzy Tauntaun


Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge introduced a number of the weirdest drinks Disney World has ever seen. Although there are many strange options to settle on from on the earth of Batuu, Oga’s Cantina has the foremost incredible atmosphere and therefore the most outrageous drinks else.

10.Dried Baby Crabs


Topping the list for outright uniqueness, these dried baby crabs are definitely not something you see a day within us. At Epcot’s Japan Pavilion, you’ll find these at the rear of the Mitsukoshi emporium with other popular Japanese snacks like Pocky and dried squid. These are literally small crabs that are dried, salted, and seasoned for your enjoyment. They’re crispy and don’t taste regrettable, but we’re not replacing our potato chips with these anytime soon.


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