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Top 10 Animals You Don’t Want to See Ever


We all know to not put up a finger at an ice bear. We all know to not tell a Latrodectus mactans that it’s got no friends. Would you lollygag around if you spilled your beer on a gorilla? There are many animals we instinctively know to not mess with. Here’s the list of some animals you’ll not know are dangerous, gross, or generally hostile to us two-legged pig-monkeys. Mess with them at your own peril!

1.Hairy Frogs

Perhaps the foremost metal animal ever, the hairy frog doesn’t just appear as if the sort of amphibian that’d be first into the mosh pit at a Slayer gig, but it’s a really interesting defense mechanism when it feels threatened. It breaks its own legs. Whenever these little mad-lads are being attacked or picked up by uncaring biologists seeking to review them in their native Central African forests, they push a bony spur through the skin of their feet by breaking the nodule that sheaths it. sort of a non-healing Wolverine from X-men. So why would humans not mess with them, they aren’t dangerous? Well, would you like to be liable for letting a harmless little frog break their own feet in fear? Please say no.


If you were fancying pilfering a touch egg or two for your supper, you’d probably pick a bird just like the capercaillie to steal from. They’re a kind of grouse, so not that bright, plus they’re heads point upwards, making it look as if they’re doing a spot of stargazing. But don’t be fooled by these fat little beasties comical visage, they’ll kick your ass up and down the forest! Male Western Capercaillies display heightened territoriality and aggression during mating season, often willing to fight all comers, including unlucky bird-watchers who get to shut. It seems that this behavior isn’t all male capercaillies, however. A study that tracked behavior within the more ‘deviant’ birds (males are known to attack humans), conducted in Southern Finland, found that these males showed testosterone levels five times above the baseline. It might be the effect of ‘negative sexual imprinting’, ‘abnormal steroid hormone distribution’ or ‘underground capercaillie steroid use within the locker rooms of Finland’s avian gyms’… Ok, the last reason was fake.

3.Moray Eels

Going toe-to-toe with the angler fish for the title of ‘the ocean’s scariest looking denizen’, moray eels are pretty horrifying animals. They lollygag around near reefs and rocky parts of shallow waters, able to snatch any passing prey. Sometimes, a diver’s hand seems like an unwitting crustacean to a moray. you’ll see where I’m going here. With many of the 200 different species possessing some incredibly awful-looking, needle-like teeth, one can imagine that a bite from one among these dead-eyed monsters would be quite unpleasant. as long as they’re teeth are arranged during a backward-facing fashion, causing a ‘rip’ like a bite, and as long as their mucous contains two kinds of nasty venom that causes red blood cells to both clumps and eventually get destroyed, maybe calling their bite ‘unpleasant’ was a touch of irony.

4.Tiger Centipede


Swelling, redness, itching, possible anaphylaxis, and tissue necrosis – all standard fare for a nip from a creepy crawler. So what makes a bite from the enormous desert centipede (also referred to as the tiger centipede) any different from, say, a bumblebee sting? The pain. Sweet mother of mercy. The pain! Naturalist Coyote Peterson (great name), has become a touch of a legend within the world of ‘people doing dangerous things within the name of progress’ by working his way through the list of ‘Insect Sting Pain Index’, AKA ‘The Schmidt Pain Index’, named after entomologist Justin Schmidt. Why is it named after him? Because he did an equivalent thing Coyote did – wilfully subject himself to a series of bug stings within the name of science. People will often consider the bullet ant or tarantula hawk wasp because of the worst pain-givers within the insect world. Not consistent with Coyote Peterson: “This just absolutely eclipses all the insect stings I’ve taken “. Frankly, I think him.

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