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Jobs that Pay Weekly Earn Extra $1000 Online


Are you in search of legit online jobs that pay weekly?

Sometimes an extra $100 earned immediately can be very helpful in desperate times. In such situations, you would probably wish you were in a job that pays every week.

While most jobs pay monthly, there are still a good number of work from home jobs that pay weekly, and this is what we will be getting into today.

The vast majority of the jobs listed below pay by PayPal, so opening a PayPal account will be a good idea.

If you don’t already have one, below you will find a step by step process on how to set up a free account on PayPal.

Let’s begin todays post were we take a look at some of the best weekly paying jobs.

Online Jobs that pay through PayPal

PayPal account as it is the preferred choice of payment for most companies. It is a secure and convenient way to send and receive payments from almost any part of the world.

PayPal is a good option especially if you are working with brands or clients internationally.

Opening a PayPal account is very simple and would take roughly 5 minutes of your time.

  1. Choose whether you want a personal or business account. If you are just beginning and haven’t started making money yet, you can go with the personal account. You can later make the switch to a business account when you escalate in profit. For bloggers and online business owners, a business account will be needed.
  2. Sign up with your email address and a password.
  3. Next, you will be prompted to fill out relevant information to create an account.
  4. Link your bank account, debit or credit cards.
  5. Check your inbox for an email from PayPal and confirm for verification.

You are now all set to accept PayPal payments.


Below are legit online jobs that pay weekly with the majority of them using PayPal as their mode of payment.

Are you ready to work online from home and get paid, with these lucrative jobs that pay 1000 a week or more?


What Jobs Pay Weekly?

Below is a list of jobs online that pay every week.

Some of these options are short term, while others can bring in a recurrent income. It’s entirely your decision to choose the right gig for you.

Do keep in mind that the companies mentioned are not always hiring, so make sure to bookmark this page and revisit to see if there is a vacancy later. Alternatively, you can sign up to their mailing list to get notified of any latest job openings.

Work Online From Home and Get Paid Today

Have you heard of a loan signing agent before?

This is a little known online gig that pays well – $75-$200 an appointment. A lucrative career that does not require you to obtain a  college degree or experience to build a six figure income.

I love this online gig, because you can literally work online and get paid daily. There are many that work at it part-time or as a weekend job.

Daily Online Jobs

If you are looking for daily online jobs, these easy side hustle will help you earn money daily by completing short tasks.


1. Fiverr:

If you enjoy freelance work, try Fiverr. You can set up a free account and start selling your services.

Whether you are good at writing, web designing or social media marketing (to name a few) you can sell your skill/service and earn. Once you complete your job, money will be transferred into your PayPal account.

The more gigs you complete the more money you make. There are many freelancers that are making $100 a day using Fiverr. This is one of the best freelance jobs that pay daily or weekly – depending on how much work you can take on.


2. Paid Online Research – $140/hr

This is a research company that pays you to help researchers with their work. You will be asked to complete a study either in the form of a questionnaire or through a scheduled video call. They pay well and can go up to $140 an hour.

Respondent is free to join and pays you by PayPal once you complete each study. You will need to sign up either with your Facebook or LinkedIn login details for verification. Once you’re in, you will be notified by email once there is a suitable study ready for you to participate.

3. Easy Shift

A free to download iOS or Android app that you use to find quick jobs near you.

Tasks are simple and include taking pictures of items products, checking prices in-store or uploading a picture of the store front. Use the app to complete your answers and get paid by PayPal within 48 hours of approval.

4. Field Agent

Another short task site that pays you cash to share your opinion on products, complete surveys, or even become a mystery shopper. You can also make money by taking photos and answering questions about products and pricing.

5. Verblio

If you have good grammar skills, over 18 years of age and a citizen of the US – you can apply. They have writing jobs available ranging from 300-3000 words. You get paid weekly and there is no minimum required to withdraw your money. If you are a new writer you initially receive short-form content and later progress to longer and higher-paying jobs with experience.