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Top 10 Animals That Evolved Don’t Need Eyes

  When you stop believing it for a flash, there are literally tons of animals that don’t have eyes. Jellyfish, Hydras, Sea Urchins, Sea Cucumbers, worms, and lots of more critters never evolved a way of looking around, and instead, use other means to form their way within the world. …

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Top 10 Animals You Don’t Know Could Fly in World

  When it involves flying animals, we frequently believe the endless sorts of birds and maybe bats, maybe even pterosaurs from the dinosaur age. But evolution and adaptation is filled with surprises.Indeed, you’ll not realise that flight has evolved in animals, enabling species like fish, mammals, reptiles and amphibians to …

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Top 10 Animals You Don’t Want to See Ever

  We all know to not put up a finger at an ice bear. We all know to not tell a Latrodectus mactans that it’s got no friends. Would you lollygag around if you spilled your beer on a gorilla? There are many animals we instinctively know to not mess …

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